Handmade one at a time

It is not easy to create a new piece that really looks like an old antique. Our process of creating a great looking bathroom vanity base starts with finding a model for inspiration, something to replicate.  Our model for the Italian country bathroom vanity base started with a pair of antique doors from France. They are estimated to be over 100 years old. Every detail of these doors is studied and then the base is created to match the same aged details on the doors. To truly create a piece that has the look and feel of an antique piece of furniture, you have to take each piece of wood and hand shape it, working it to match the details found on the model doors. This process takes so much more time than the process of mass production, but this is the only way to really get an authentic looking antique piece. Then the bathroom vanity is finished to match the same colors and tones found on the antique doors. There is as much time in putting a finish on a piece as there is in its construction. Each bathroom vanity base is then sealed with a low matte water base sealer to protect the wood. The end result is a piece that truly looks like an antique.


It starts at an early age. I remember being in Target when my son was about 12 and he was saying he needed clothes but he did not want to buy the clothes from Target. When I asked him why he replied, "I don't want to wear what the other kids in school are wearing." We make bathroom vanities for those who really don't want to settle for a vanity that has been mass produced, but really want a one-of-a-kind piece.