Antique White Faucet Splash

Antique White Faucet Splash


For those who really want to have a wall mount faucet but don’t want the hassle of installing one in the wall, there is now a solution. This new stone faucet splash just sits on the counter and is hooked up below to your water valves just like a deck mounted faucet would. The top of this faucet splash lifts off to access the plumbing inside. (The faucet splash mounting plate only works with Atmosphyre faucets) Splash measures 3-1/8” deep, 18-1/4” wide and 12” total height. Faucet holes measure 8-1/2” off of vanity top. Faucet and sink sold separately. Price includes shipping. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Faucet Splash includes:

  • Stone faucet splash

  • Stone faucet cap shelf

  • Faucet mounting plate and hardware

  • Extension water lines for faucet rough-in

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