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Hand antiqued brass finish by Atmosphyre

Real hand finished antique brass faucets

You have experienced the same thing I have. You have been online and you have seen a great photo with a antique brass faucet in some kitchen or bathroom. It had this great patina to it and you got the feeling it was somewhere over in Europe. You then spent a great deal of time trying to find a real antique faucet somewhere used. If you were lucky enough to find one, it just wouldn’t work for your space. After going through that myself for a few years, I decided to dedicate myself to creating faucets that look just like what I was always hoping to find but could not. I wanted to create a finish that looked so real, that no one would ever guess it was a brand new faucet. I started collecting old brass faucets, some coming from as far away as the Ukraine. Each faucet is distressed and oxidized by hand to match as close as possible to the faucets in our collection of antique brass faucets. This ensures that you get as close as possible to the real finish as possible.

Atmosphyre antique brass faucets.jpg

Great look, but is it a great faucet inside?

I know that many consumers are not risk takers. You may like the look of our faucet, but you are not sure how it will perform over time, or how we will respond to an issue, if one were to arise. Not when it comes to faucets anyway. The first thing to know about our faucets is that they have ceramic washers in them. Most of today’s faucets not only have ceramic washers, many use the same exact valve and washer. There really is only one moving part on a faucet, and it is the water valves. Ceramic washers never really need to be replaced, but if you needed to replace one, they are on the house. We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty.