Every room in a house tells you a little more about who lives there.
— James S. Gardiner

Creating a feeling

There is a certain feeling you get when you are looking for just the right piece for your home. You're not exactly sure what it looks like specifically, but you have this feeling that you will just know it when you see it. You will say, "That's it!"

Our passion is to create products that give people that feeling. From the woodworking to the concrete, every piece of our products are made and finished by us here in our shop in southern Vermont. Each sink and vanity is handmade one at a time so each one is unique. We strive to produce designs and create finishes that really have an authentic look and feel.

In 2017, we purchased a 130 year old abandoned church building in the rural mountain area of southern Vermont. The old building has now become our workshop. Located directly across the street from a Christmas tree farm, it has been a great source of inspiration for what we do. The building never had any running water, so naturally there was also no sewer line, either. It was probably not the wisest decision for a growing company to, do but the views were too hard to pass up. So if you call us and you get the answering machine, we are probably working on a roof leak somewhere.

Atmosphyre church workshop