How concrete is made is very important

Working with concrete is a lot like cooking. You start off with your ingredients and they are mixed together in a certain order to produce a finished product. Much like the final result of cooking is determined by the ingredients you use and how familiar you are with the cooking process, so it is, as well, with concrete. Many people who make concrete sinks to sell, purchase a premixed bag formula online. The main ingredient that gives concrete its strength is portland cement. However, portland cement has a short shelf life. Fresh cement powder is essential for good concrete. Cement powder hardens when it comes into contact with water or moisture, even while it is in the bag. Cement powder will harden with the moisture in the air in just a few months. So when you buy a bag of premixed materials, you not only don’t know how long the cement powder has been exposed to air, you also don’t know how much portland powder is even in your premix bag.

At Atmosphyre, we make our concrete from scratch, buying each material as a single item that goes into our mix. This way we can measure out the exact amount needed for optimal performance. We can also monitor the effects of each raw ingredient we add. Buying cement powder as a separate material is the only way to know if it is fresh powder or not. We not only know how fresh our cement powder is, but we are able to add the exact amount we need for maximum strength for the best performance. After working with concrete for 22 years, we are confident in our tested mix and we are able to sell you products with this confidence.

Concrete Farm Sink with a Stainless Steel Insert

 There are times in life when you can indeed have your cake and eat it too. Now you can have the beauty of an old world looking stone kitchen farm sink with the durability and function of a stainless steel sink at the same time. Made from GFRC, this concrete kitchen farm sink has all the old world charm and character you could ask for on the front apron and a zero radius commercial stainless steel sink on the inside. The inside liner is 304 series stainless steel and is surrounded by concrete so there is a reduction in the noise made when running the water, a common complaint with a regular stainless steel sink. The stainless steel is hand buffed to dull out the shine to a matte patina finish. The entire sink only weighs 94 lbs.